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On-line research between people 65+ in all project partners countries to identify their attitude towards movement, sports, healthy eating and the preservation of health.

Good Practices

Collecting good practices in the field of sport, exercising in local urban environments for people 65+ in all 5 partners. Identify already existing solutions to use existing facilities.

Sport Program

Developing an optimal training program SEN-FIT for people 65+. Which includes a set of group exercises, nutrition program, the program will be designed for implementation in local urban environments


Implement the “Train the trainers” program for volunteers from local sport organizations and clubs, so that they can perform the new designed sport program for seniors.

About the project

The project »Fit & Wise Seniors!« promotes sport activity of older people to remain vital and healthy in mature years. Special attention was given to older people in retirement homes and elderly people who are at home. The project promotes equality in the involvement of all people’s sports activities, a special emphasis was given to sports activities outside in nature. Health conservation is an important aspect, just like the knowledge of disease and disability, which are common for older people. Which makes exercising very important, in this project we will develop exercises which will be adapted to the needs of elderly people. 

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If you are looking for some ideas about “sport activities”, you can download the prepared best practice from partner countries. You can also use the prepared “Fit & Wise Sport Program and Nutrition Program” and try some of the sports/exercises.

Who We Are

The project »Fit & Wise Seniors!« consotrium consist from five partner organizations from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Italy. Project results where enabled through a grant program from the Erasmus+ Program. Which enabled us to obtain partial funding for the realization of this project. We also thank all the volunteers from sport organizations who participated in the implementation of the project. Members of society have helped us in establishing relationships with companies and the analysis that has identified the most appropriate training program.